Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Allure of the Seas

I just want to point out the excellent, EXCELLENT customer service I received Sunday on my ship inspection of this beautiful ship. They took us on a tour of the public spaces (no cabins) and then treated us to lunch. First, I want to point out the food was superb. More importantly towards the end, some were ordering coffee, I asked for a cappuccino, I was told that because the dining room wasn't actually open for service, that the bar wasn't open...BUT, they sent one of the servers off to bring me 1 from somewhere else on the ship...I told them not to worry about it, I understood, but they were no no, it's no problem...granted we were pressed for time so I actually had to leave before the cappuccino made it to me, but it was the thought that counted and I loved that they bent over backwards for me. If they would do it for me, I know without a doubt they would do it for my clients. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's Eat!!

As I get ready to try out another cruise line, Royal Caribbean, the thing I look forward to is the most. I love eating on a cruise, there is never a reason to go hungry on a cruise. Food is available 24 hrs. Of course my only experience is on Carnival (this is changing this year as I venture out), but Carnival has spoiled me with food.

My first stop after dropping my bags off is always the Mongolian BBQ (for those ships that have it, I'm usually lost when I board a ship that doesn't have this) I have to get there early b4 people realize what it is and the line becomes long, they usually have shrimp on the first day.

Dinner time!!! I always choose late seating, this is so that after I come from the port, I'm not rushing to eat. I have time to grab a quick bite then to my room for a shower and nap, usually I'm worn out by this time. I wake up in time to get ready to eat. Now, although you have a spot reserved for you in the dining room, you don't have to eat there, the buffet line is available for you. Personally, I love eating in the dining room. They pull out your chair for you, lay the napkin in your lap, pour your water, tea and lemonade, wine, etc. You meal is served in's a little secret I didn't find out about until towards the end of my very first cruise: you can order more than 1 thing off the menu, you see 2 appetizers get them both...Formal night is usually when Carnival serves lobster, I get 2 plates of those bad boys!!!! I love seafood. I also try out new foods, why not, it's free, I paid for it all ready with the cost of my cruise.

Now it's about 3am, we have shut the club down and I'm hungry again...I'm not feeling like getting pizza so off to my room so I can call room service.

Breakfast is wonderful also...I like eating this in the dining room also, when I have time, like debarkation day...other than that, to the buffet line, they do have cook to order omelets!!!

I only take pics of dinner because the other times I'm too hungry to stop to take a pic lol.

Lasagna I think, I don't eat lasagna, so this wasn't my plate lol

 Steak, mac n cheese, and peas and carrots (the peas are surprisingly good, I don't even like peas lol)

 Here's the lobster plate I get 2 of every time lol:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Perfect Storm

I was reading an article on Travel Weekly on ships pulling out of South California. Although there are many pros for cruising from California: year round sunshine, excellent pre & post cruise options (Disney, San Diego Zoo, etc)...the state was the hardest hit in the recession and is slow to recover. Rates have plummeted and it takes a lot of fuel to even get to the first port so it really wasn't profitable anymore for the cruise lines.

Both Carnival & Royal Caribbean are moving, but there is still some good news. Disney will be stationing their newest edition, Disney Wonder in L.A.  Crystal Cruises does cruises up & down the west coast. Princess has round trip cruises to Hawaii, as will Holland America. As the economy picks up, there's no telling what's in the future for south California.

Personally, I think that after a year or 2, they will flock back to the area.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How I Fell in Love With Cruising

I took my first cruise August 2005.  I was in awe as I walked onboard the ship, I thought it was huge. I was so excited. I walked to my room, put my things down then went on the hunt for food. Met up with my friend, showed her the room, then the food lol. We explored the ship, taking in all the sites, activities, food, entertainment, and relaxed.

I was hooked!!! How many vacations can you unpack once, see multiple countries, all the food you can eat included, nonalcoholic drinks included, entertainment included (gambling wasn't included, but I did get free slot play).

Fast forward a couple of years and I worked at Carnival Cruise Lines. Enjoyed it, only problem...I always wanted to cruise. So I opened my own travel agency, and what better specialty to choose other than cruises. So now, I get to cruise every couple of months and my goal is to cruise on every cruise line there is out there, from major lines, to river cruises, to barges (bet you didn't know you could cruise on a barge, and the rooms are nice too!!)