Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's Eat!!

As I get ready to try out another cruise line, Royal Caribbean, the thing I look forward to is the most. I love eating on a cruise, there is never a reason to go hungry on a cruise. Food is available 24 hrs. Of course my only experience is on Carnival (this is changing this year as I venture out), but Carnival has spoiled me with food.

My first stop after dropping my bags off is always the Mongolian BBQ (for those ships that have it, I'm usually lost when I board a ship that doesn't have this) I have to get there early b4 people realize what it is and the line becomes long, they usually have shrimp on the first day.

Dinner time!!! I always choose late seating, this is so that after I come from the port, I'm not rushing to eat. I have time to grab a quick bite then to my room for a shower and nap, usually I'm worn out by this time. I wake up in time to get ready to eat. Now, although you have a spot reserved for you in the dining room, you don't have to eat there, the buffet line is available for you. Personally, I love eating in the dining room. They pull out your chair for you, lay the napkin in your lap, pour your water, tea and lemonade, wine, etc. You meal is served in's a little secret I didn't find out about until towards the end of my very first cruise: you can order more than 1 thing off the menu, you see 2 appetizers get them both...Formal night is usually when Carnival serves lobster, I get 2 plates of those bad boys!!!! I love seafood. I also try out new foods, why not, it's free, I paid for it all ready with the cost of my cruise.

Now it's about 3am, we have shut the club down and I'm hungry again...I'm not feeling like getting pizza so off to my room so I can call room service.

Breakfast is wonderful also...I like eating this in the dining room also, when I have time, like debarkation day...other than that, to the buffet line, they do have cook to order omelets!!!

I only take pics of dinner because the other times I'm too hungry to stop to take a pic lol.

Lasagna I think, I don't eat lasagna, so this wasn't my plate lol

 Steak, mac n cheese, and peas and carrots (the peas are surprisingly good, I don't even like peas lol)

 Here's the lobster plate I get 2 of every time lol:


  1. Om my goodness, nothing like formal night for lobster tails. Now for New Englanders these are Caribbean lobsters, but still yummy and definitely worth ordering two. On Royal Caribbean they come in the shell and the waiter removes the shell for you. I love Royal Caribbean and have never done Carnival, it is on my to do list! Enjoy your next trip and let us know how you like it.
    Gloria Caruso
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  2. Oh, I'll be posting about my RCI was my lobster :(