Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How I Fell in Love With Cruising

I took my first cruise August 2005.  I was in awe as I walked onboard the ship, I thought it was huge. I was so excited. I walked to my room, put my things down then went on the hunt for food. Met up with my friend, showed her the room, then the food lol. We explored the ship, taking in all the sites, activities, food, entertainment, and relaxed.

I was hooked!!! How many vacations can you unpack once, see multiple countries, all the food you can eat included, nonalcoholic drinks included, entertainment included (gambling wasn't included, but I did get free slot play).

Fast forward a couple of years and I worked at Carnival Cruise Lines. Enjoyed it, only problem...I always wanted to cruise. So I opened my own travel agency, and what better specialty to choose other than cruises. So now, I get to cruise every couple of months and my goal is to cruise on every cruise line there is out there, from major lines, to river cruises, to barges (bet you didn't know you could cruise on a barge, and the rooms are nice too!!)

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  1. Cruising is one of the best ways to get a small experience of multiple destinations and only have to unpack once.

    RoxAnne Taylor